Volume 1, Issue 1 (Fall 2023)

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Editors’ Introduction – Didier Coste, Christina Kkona, Nicoletta Pireddu


Unmappably Cosmopolitan: Reconfiguring Criticism of World Literature in an Era of Globalization – Robert T. Tally Jr.

The Cosmopolitan Foundations of Ethical Criticism: Perspectives from the “East” and the “West” – Suzanne S. Choo

Western Esotericism: A Cosmopolitan History and Historiography – Bernardo Schiavetta

Conspiracy Narratives and Cosmopolitanism: Friends or Warring Brothers? – Chloé Chaudet

Transreading in the Nordic Mode: Olav H. Hauge in Dialogue with Laozi and Eckhart – Huiwen Helen Zhang

Translating the Untranslatable: Cosmopolitan Oscar Wilde on Soviet Television – Helena Gurfinkel

At the Borders Of Painting: Labor and the Migratory Screen-Art of Ranbir Kaleka – Tania Roy

Review Articles

Studying Cosmopolitanism in a Globalized World – Anna Khalonina

Cosmopolitanism and Religious Studies – Harry Aveling

Book Reviews

Literatures of the World: Beyond World Literature, by Ottmar Ette, translated by Mark W. Person – Jean-Pierre Dubost

Adorno and the Architects of Late Style in India: Aesthetic Form after the Twentieth-Century Novel, by Tania Roy – Saugata Bhaduri